Glam Team Beauty Blender

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Reach a flawless base with the Glam Team Beauty Blender. The blender boasts distinct surfaces designed to seamlessly apply powder, cream, and liquid products during makeup application.  Its shape means the makeup sponge hugs every shape of the face, even those hard-to-reach places, guaranteeing seamless even coverage for a flawless finish. This blender encourages the look of a soft-focus, seamlessly diffused finish.


  • Latex-free, eco-friendly foam
  • Double angled sides for more versatility
  • Cleans easily, dries easily


  • Wet Classic Blender with water
  • Squeeze out excess liquid
  • Tap foundation, BB cream, powder, or any other product across your face for a beautiful blend
  • Cleanse with your favorite liquid soap and warm water
  • Replace every 4-6 months upon signs of wear


Latex-free Foam